What Is Sound Alchemy?

Sound Alchemy is energetic medicine. It comes in all qualities, so sometimes it is soft and soothing like a hot bath, and other times it is less gentle, particularly if it is being used for clearing or deep healing. If this is your first exposure, a perfect place to begin is the Peaceful Heart transmission available as a gift when you sign up to keep in touch. 


Sound Alchemy is very effective at removing any interference (blocks) to experiencing the well-being and harmony that already lives within you. Our perception of this process is that we clear, transmute, and transform “negative” or “stuck” energies while also bringing in the energies we desire. The truth of what is happening is that we are simply aligning with what we already are!


Alchemy, classically speaking, is a seemingly magical process that includes both creation and transformation, allowing one substance to shift into another (lead into gold, for example). At its core, alchemy is based on the premise that everything in the universe already contains the whole within it, no matter its current, visible form. In other words, lead has always contained all that it needs to become gold and even more directly, is gold already.


In transformational consciousness, we begin with a similar, alchemical understanding that we already are what we are seeking – that the love, wholeness, and well-being we desire is already within us. There is simply interference to experiencing that in our lives. Thus in its simplest form, alchemy can be understood as the process of revealing something’s true nature within, which is always completely whole.


We add to this the power of music: the way a song or piece of music can touch the deepest parts of our hearts, and how the sounds of nature relax our bodies and minds. We honor the power of words, as we all have experienced both kind and harsh ones. And we acknowledge that vocal sound has been part of every major spiritual tradition since the dawn of time through chanting, singing, toning, and the primal Om.


We honor the power of Sound Alchemy, and know that sometimes it will sound “pretty” and other times we will take it as medicine for the soul. All ways are beautiful and perfect. 

                                                                – Christine Laria, Owner