Soothing, uplifting, healing. The alchemical combination of Amethyst (beautiful for expansion and opening of the crown chakra, energizing the body, conducting light, and spiritual connection), Morganite (purity, gentleness, divine love, awareness), Rhodochrosite (healing and purification, joy, self-love, inner transformation) and Palladium (divine guardian and companion, heightening of consciousness) lifts you up to soar in healing, love and enlightened consciousness. It is such a powerful combination, these four elements. Each of them is healing and uplifting in their own way, and when combined in this sonic alchemy set they truly minister to you and those you play for with gentle, powerful love.

F# is the note of the high heart, your transcendent, infinite heart. C# is for the root - grounding and stabilizing, and A# is for the pineal, expanding your inner awareness and intuitive gifts.

Listen to Wings of the Divine Heart Here:



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