The Power of Presence Set


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The qualities of presence are strength, clarity, groundedness, balance, freedom, courage, and wisdom. This set sonically embodies them all.

Shungite is an ancient stone of life, an alchemical miracle stone that promotes positivity and removes negative energies and thoughts. It is a grounding and clearing stone which protects against the absorption of EMF from cell phones, computers, WIFI, microwaves, etc. Shungite can assist in cell rejuvenation and is a catalyst for growth and transformation.

Tiger’s Eye carries the energy of freedom from judgment and preconceived notions. It balances stealth and vitality with the tiger’s strength of will, and courage. It encourages emotional balance, relieving anxiety and supporting emotional healing.

Grandfather influences the connecting and grounding with Earth’s elemental kingdom and ancestral wisdom of the Grandfather vibration, expressing our heritage for grace and inner knowing.

Together these three are a powerhouse that enlivens our deepest, clearest, strongest presence. 

The set price includes a discount of $444, and comes with 3 base rings and 3 sueded mallets.

Listen here:


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