Sugilite with Etched Sacred Geometry


7″ G-45

Sugilite is a premier alchemy for this age because of its numerous beneficial qualities. Highly beneficial for empaths, Sugilite helps clear the negative influences from your environment as well as assists in grounding your etheric energies into form. The light of this alchemy is powerfully protective, as its nature is to help you develop immunity to the disharmonies of others. Once internally free from external distortions, you experience more vitality and energy. This alchemy supports the easing of pain, alleviates stress while promoting relaxation, calm, and inner peace.

Sacred geometry shows us the power of how energy patterns create and unify all things. It is said that every natural pattern of growth or movement comes back to one or more geometric shapes. Sacred geometry thus amplifies our connection to spirit, promoting harmony within ourselves and between ourselves and the outside world. The images are highly activating for this power of unified creation.

These sacred patterns on this beautiful bowl amplify its natural qualities of harmony, vitality, healing, and peace. I feel in these patterns the sacred sound of OM, of creation, and of the unity field, and find this combination of Sugilite with Sacred Geometry to be quite powerful.

The note of G is for the throat chakra, encouraging expression of your innate nature of peace, harmony, and creative power.

Listen to Sugilite with Etched Sacred Geometry here:


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