Sacred Ceremony and Divine Guidance Set


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Experience the activation of power energy vortexes, sacred ceremonies, and divine presence with this alchemy set. This synergistic combination of archetypal energies from Shiva to Native Americans to the Magdalene offers you a powerhouse of sacred activation and connection.

Yagna is made with ashes from sacred sacred ceremony around the world, making this bowl is a catalyst of letting go, birthing anew, and shedding old-skin realities. The ashes from these sacred fires has a very high frequency signature that carries all the values and blessings of the gods and goddesses honored in the yagnas. This energy is transmitted through the sound produced by the bowls, and assists in the absorption of higher truth and wisdom. It embodies the energy of new freedom, healing and life.  The pitch of A is for the 3rd eye, assisting with greater intuitive and claire-sensory perceptions. This bowl is exceptionally pure and clear in tone with a sustained ring and resonance as well as a substantial heft.

The rare earth element of Sedona Red Rock is gathered from 3 power vortexes in Sedona: Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, and Airport Rock and then crafted in intentional and loving design to ignite and open consciousness. It is both grounding and etherically activating. This is then combined with Platinum, a precious metal that offers emotional and mental support. The combination in this mixed alchemy bowl is an enhancement of mental and emotional qualities for accessing high-vibrational frequencies while keeping you anchored, honoring native American traditions and lineages. This bowl is the pitch of F, for the heart.

Pink Aura Gold radiates courageous and compassionate love, guiding the heart to inspire the mind with unconditional love. It has a powerful but light angelic frequency as well as the energetic signature of the Magdalene.This bowl is the note of C, which is for the root chakra as well as the causal chakra above the crown. The pitch combined with this alchemy offers us a divine alignment from our roots to our wings. It has an exceptionally clear and long ring.

The set price includes a discount of $444, and comes with 3 base rings and 3 sueded mallets.

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