Rhodochrosite Platinum



Rhodochrosite assists with healing and purification of the emotional body. It is the ultimate self-love stone, helping us to face our deepest secrets or shames with compassion, gentleness and love. It restores the inner child to purity and joy. Platinum is a wonderful alchemy for supporting our emotional journey. It assists with anxiety and depression, calming the nerves. It also is a beautiful activator of the Divine Feminine, helping to restore balance within and in the world.

Together these beautiful alchemies create a powerful, nurturing and healing balance within, which then radiates and manifests in the world around us.

The pitch of D# is attuned to the sacral chakra, enlivening creativity, healing and empowering sexuality, and connecting us with our sensual gifts. It's primary audible overtone is G#, a note for the throat, and clear, truthful expression.

This bowl creates a double-helix wave form in its pulse, assisting in re-writing our 3D history and freeing us into our infinite potential.

It is also part of the Enlightened Heart Alchemy Set.

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