Rhodochrosite Palladium Limited Edition Air Element


12″ E+15

Rhodochrosite is a profound healing alchemy aiding in the purification of the emotional body through the amplification and intensification of joy. This nurturing alchemy encourages self-love and expands your ability to truly see and experience your inner beauty. Rhodochrosite helps us to face our deepest secrets, assisting in the process of rediscovering the playfulness of our inner child, which lightens the load of the emotional weight that has been holding us down. It embodies the energy of self-forgiveness and confidence, supporting you in choosing life-affirming habits. Rhodochrosite nurtures one's capacity for tender love, integrating the energy of wholeness into the awareness of the subconscious. On the physical level, Rhodochrosite improves eyesight along with pancreas, spleen and kidney function.

Palladium functions as a guardian through divine companionship. It is excellent for travel, both on the inner and outer planes. It is named after the Roman Goddess Pallas Athena, and is a silvery-white metal. Palladium opens pathways within and without, accompanying us along the way.

In combination, Rhodochrosite and Palladium offer deep healing for the inner child, a sense of inner protection, and opening of new pathways of life.

The note of E is for the solar plexus, a perfect complement to this powerful mixed alchemy.

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