Platinum Smoky Quartz SuperGrade


16″ G#-25 Solfeggio Tuning

This amazing SuperGrade bowl is the ultimate roots and wings all in one. When I feel into the nature of this bowl, I sense deep wisdom, other-worldly dimensions and energies, a catalyst for powerful transformation, and a powerhouse of divine companionship and manifestation for your path. The solfeggio tuning, the spiritual frequency, amplifies all of these qualities even more deeply.

Smoky Quartz is one of the premier grounding alchemies, and is helpful for organization, balance, and manifestation of your dreams and inspirations. It helps you ground your spiritual insights into practical knowledge and action, while promoting positive mental and spiritual thinking. It naturally works the solar plexus, sacral and root chakras for creativity, assisting you in bringing the energies of your divine inspiration all the way through into form. It is earthy, and powerfully practical.

Platinum is a divine feminine energy assisting with emotional support, offering freedom from anxiety, depression, and bringing clarity, calm, and peace. It brings in the nurturing energies of receptivity, creativity, and flow.

The SuperGrade Bowls carry a whole new echelon of crystalline consciousness. They are powerful catalysts for ascension, expansion, healing, and birthing new paradigms.

This graceful, powerful, and luminous consciousness (for it is more a Being than a bowl) is for the one who is ready to step up their awareness and contributions to a whole new level so that they might move even more fully into their calling as a way-shower and pure presence of Love.

Listen to Platinum Smoky Quartz SuperGrade here:


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