Energetic alignment and emotional upliftment and clearing are empowered with the resonance of pure, unconditional love. This beautiful alchemy set offers an amazing synergy of opening and clearing the pathways to the embodiment, experience, and truth of your true nature, that of unconditional love.

Mother of Platinum in a natural fusion of pure quartz and platinum that evokes the fullness of the spirit of Venus, matriarchal goddess of love. It is influential and powerful in working through emotional issues. The pastel rainbow hues radiate soft support and luxury. Mother of Platinum is a nurturing alchemy, visually soft and energetically transformative, it gently supports you in claiming your mental well-being and your true nature of Love within.

Powerful in energy clearing, Kyanite creates pathways of consciousness where formerly there were none. This stone bridges emotional and auric divides between people and can increase telepathic communication as well as lucid dreaming. It clears, opens and activates all chakras simultaneously.

Pink Aura Gold radiates courageous and compassionate love, guiding the heart to inspire the mind with unconditional love. It has a powerful but light angelic frequency as well as the energetic signature of the Magdalene.

The pitches of E, G and G are for the solar plexus, center of personal will, empowerment, and confidence, the throat chakra, for clear, strong and free expression of personal truth, and the root, your sense of belonging and safety in the world.

The set price includes a discount of $444, and comes with 3 base rings and 3 sueded mallets.

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