Mt. Shasta Serpentine


7″ F#-45 Heart Note


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Connect with the mystical and magical properties of the Mt. Shasta vortex. Its green color honors the wisdom keepers of the plant and mineral kingdom as the Serpentine alchemy gives voice to their sacred knowledge. The spiraling tones of this bowl uncoil the Kundalini energy that rises from the base of the spine, climbing upward through the trunk and bursting forth with the fruits of enlightenment. The natural green energy of Serpentine keeps you grounded for a more graceful transformation, and this makes it the ultimate Feng Shui bowl, linking you with the natural ebb and flow of all life. Ambassador of the mystical properties of the Mt. Shasta vortex, the natural green energy of Serpentine keeps you grounded in grace during your journey of loving transformation.

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