Kiss of Hawaii Bowl: Tanzanite Morph


7″ F+25 Round Bottom

Tanzanite is a powerful stone of our time, one of the most valuable of metaphysical stones. It encourages authentic expression of self and truth, while synchronizing the heart and mind. It helps to calm overactive thoughts while enhancing spiritual perception.

This bowl is also a morph, which is one that has been broken and re-made. Like people, morph bowls have “scars” from the challenges they have encountered, as well as a wisdom and power that comes from walking through the fire, in this case twice! This bowl’s “scar” is in the shape of a mouth, thus its name. The back of the bowl has markings that evoke the volcanos of Hawaii, and it’s color is one of the more unusual outcomes of firing the Tanzanite, as it is often bluish-gray.

Comes with a sueded mallet and O ring.

Listen to Tanzanite Morph here:

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