One of the most affordable sets in the shop, this exceedingly pleasing alchemy set undulates in a delightful tuning and flow. The Sage Forest Gold offers connection with nature and the devas of the forest, the Platinum offers emotional support and the energies of the Divine Feminine, and the Grandmother alchemy brings the wisdom of mature femininity in steady support and activation of a life well-lived. The Graceful Life Alchemy Set is gentle and powerful, steady and soothing.

You may add the triple alchemy of Mt. Shasta Serpentine/Sedona Red Rock/Platinum for a deep, low resonance for grounding and expansion. The colors are a perfect complement and the tones are divine.

The pitches are for the sacral chakra, high heart, and third eye, and the set price includes a 3-bowl discount of $444 over individual prices.

Listen to Graceful Life Alchemy Set here:

Listen to the set with the added triple alchemy bowl here:



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