Enlightened Life Master Alchemy Set


10” F#+15 Tanzanite/St Germain

9” C#-10 Divine Light Master Alchemy (Rhodochrosite, Carnelian, Larimar, Frankincense, Silver, Platinum, Diamond)

8” D#-15 Turquoise/Azeztulite/Palladium

7″ A#-20 St. Germain/Azeztulite

7″ G#-15 Emerald

6″ B-15 Labradorite

4″ F#-5 (True Tone) Silver Titanium Egyptian Etched

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This master alchemy set is owner Christine Laria's former personal performance and recording set. These bowls have worked with shamans in Bali, whales in Tonga, dolphins in Hawaii, and downloaded frequencies in the mountains of Banff and Colorado, as well as many places in between. They are full of light, consciousness, wisdom, and multiple activations. It came as a great surprise to Christine when the bowls let her know they are now meant to be with someone else!

There is a theme of 7 running through this set: 7 bowls as well as 7 alchemies in the Divine Light Master Bowl. This Master Alchemy bowl is also a collector's edition, with its etched butterfly and also because it is no longer produced. The same is true of the limited edition Egyptian Silver-Titanium practitioner.

See and hear the full set here:  Enlightened Life Master Alchemy Set



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