This cosmically elevated set combines a stellar combination of alchemies to help your spirit soar into its true divine nature of freedom and love. It activates the subtler, higher levels of your consciousness while opening the heart, root, pineal, and crown.

Lemon Angel Gold connects you to being in your power, centered in your core of brilliant light. It activates your awareness of your spiritual gifts through a gentle, loving presence. Mother of Platinum is a full spectrum infusion of the energy of Venus, the matriarchal goddess of Love. It is very supportive in working through emotional issues with compassion. Ocean Indium promotes longevity and mineral absorption in the body, as well as increases the flow of Chi. So in this single bowl you receive an influx of empowering, healing, and enlivening Love and Light. The pitch is C#, for the root, grounding all of these qualities into your physical experience.

Apophylite is an illumination stone, helping you to see through shadows and illusions. It assists in the embodiment of your multi-dimensional aspects, while uplifting mind, body and spirit. It dispels discouragement while casting light on your path. Green Heart Aura Gold is about fully opening the heart to give and receive love, encouraging our awareness and experience of oneness, also a truth beyond the shadows of illusion. This mixed alchemy is all about bringing all the aspects of your Being into embodiment in Love. The pitch is F#, for the high, transcendent heart.

Diamond is a powerhouse of sound alchemy. It instantly aligns all of the chakras and opens the crown, helping you to remember and embody your spiritual destiny. It is a spiritual activator, and a cosmic alignment stone. Combined with the emotional support of platinum, you get a stunning bowl in the pitch of A#, for the pineal, another facet of opening higher consciousness and awareness.

This pairing of heart and etheric elements in this alchemy set is completely stunning in sound, appearance, and alchemical synergy. It shimmers in a brilliant array of celestial energy. As you listen, you'll notice the set brings in an audible F# below the lowest bowl, an undertone of anchoring in the heart.

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