Carnelian Palladium


9″ A+40

This beautiful mixed alchemy bowl is a powerhouse of divine companionship and relational activation. Carnelian builds self confidence, enhances creativity and divine sexuality, and fosters a sense of intimate belonging. It aligns, clears and activates all three lower chakras. This alchemy facilitates the merging of our ideas of sensuality and spirituality, creating a sonic bridge to wholeness.

Palladium offers us the guardian frequency in the experience of a divine companion. It connects us to higher consciousness while staying firmly grounded. Palladium assists you in being out in the world without entraining to any unwanted frequencies.

Together these two alchemies offer you a full activation of the divine companion both within you and in the world. Excellent for fostering connection, clarity in partnership, and enhanced mutual experience.

The note of A is for the third eye.

Listen to Carnelian Palladium here:


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