Aqua Aura Gold


10″ B+0 True Tone

Aqua Aura Gold is made of 24K gold, which is naturally healing and therapeutic. This powerful alchemy helps balance the overly analytical mind and transmute blockages that cause disharmony. A psychic center and yang alignment activator, Aqua Aura Gold deeply and quickly entrains the auric fields for shifting, cleansing and activating upper chakras. Its yang energy and color help relieve depression and lift spirits. It is a deeply healing alchemy, and also aligns us with ocean, whale and dolphin energies. The color is also activating for the throat chakra, encouraging us to speak our truth as part of our healing and expansion.

The pitch of B is for the crown chakra. This particular bowl has a beautiful mist throughout portions, evoking sea foam and the etheric energies of the dimensions accessed through the crown.

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