Apophylite Tibetan Copper Quartz Aura Tall


12″ Tall A#-30

The power of Apophylite, Quartz, and antique Copper Tibetan singing bowls combine in this magnificent OM of a bowl. Apophylite is coming into a new role on the planet, akin to Azeztulite and Lemurian Seed as an activator of the fullness of divine potential within our human template. This amazing stone is here to serve in ascension, permeating a full spectrum of consciousness and awareness as a column of light through the physical and human dimensions.

The Tibetan Copper Quartz Aura blends exquisite antique Tibetan bowls (and their Om Mane Padme Hum prayer energies) with the purest quartz crystal frequencies for a highly conductive marriage of ancient and Aquarian sonic vibrations. Copper and quartz can electrify and optimize healing energies to help balance body and auric fields. Copper rapidly transmits and amplifies thoughts while opening and clearing the crown and base chakras, making this alchemy an excellent catalyst for transcendence.

Together with Apophylite and the Pineal pitch of A#, you get a highly charged, deeply grounded sonic consciousness here to partner with you in raising the awareness of the individual and the planet.

You can see from the pictures that this bowl is somewhat of a color shape-shifter. It is partially transparent and also wholly reflective, illuminating whatever is in its environment while also seeing through it. The triangle on the bottom references the Godhead, uplifting the body, mind and spirit.

It is the lowest of all bowls at Laria Crystal Sound, evoking the powerful, ancient, and primal sound of creation.

Crystal Tones only created 3 bowls of this type, making it a rare and exquisite find.



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