Andara Platinum Morph



Andara stones are connected with the energies of the heart, as well as the land of Lemuria. They assist us in seeing past the illusions of the mind and living from the infinitely wise knowing of the heart. It is a volcanic, monotomic crystal that helps you to burn away the obstacles that keep you from seeing and living from your highest potential.

Platinum offers emotional support for anxiety, depression, and overwhelm, and helps connect us to the loving energies of the Divine Feminine.

The alchemical combination of Andara and Platinum gifts us with the support and clear-sightedness to see and live from our highest potential.

The note of C helps root and ground all of this into your physical, embodied experience, reassuring you of the truth beyond appearances.

This bowl is also a morph, meaning it has broken and been remade into a new creation. The morph of this bowl is the bottom, as though the bottom fell out and a new, transformed and stronger foundation was laid.

She sings with barely a tap or stroke of the mallet, offering a long, even tone. This bowl is ready to go in service and partnership, an eager and strong companion for your consciousness journey.

Andara Platinum morph may also be found as part of the Activating Your Infinite Potential Alchemy Set


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