Everything you desire you already are, and is already within you. This alchemy set offers the vibrational support to help you tune into and align with the truth of all that you are, so that you might live it in this present, now moment.

Rhodochrosite assists us in folding what has been traumatic in the past into a fabric of pure, unconditional love, allowing joy to permeate our present reality and create the energetic course for our future.

Platinum offers the emotional support to assist and guide you in seeing past the illusion of your story or past experience into what is possible now.

Andara works with the heart, your access point for your infinite potential. It assists you in clearing the debris field of obstacles that keep you from living in your heart presence, and helps connect you to your divine, cosmic presence across time/space dimensions.

This set is nurtures, activates and expands our higher dimensional understand and experience of our lives, allowing us the clarity to choose in freedom and love.


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