Abalone Mother of Platinum


8″ G#-15

The Abalone alchemy is cleansing and purifying, unveiling your natural beauty in majesty and fluidity. It also connects us to Atlantean energies. Mother of Platinum evokes Venus, the matriarchal goddess of love. It is powerful for working through emotional issues, for anxiety, depression, or conflict.

Together this double alchemy offers you the healing of the waters of the ocean in a sea of mother love, Soft, sweet nurturance to support your well-being and flow with ease and grace.

The pitch is G#, for the throat chakra, helping you to communicate clearly, speak your truth, and claim your voice.

The tone is an exceptionally long and easy ring in slow, even, large waves, much like the majestic undulations of the sea. The colors of this bowl are different in every light, much like the ocean.

This bowl is also part of the Embodying Wisdom and Compassion Alchemy Set.

Listen to Abalone Mother of Platinum here:



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