Morph Bowls

Morphs are bowls that have cracked or broken and been put back together in a new way. For me, the morph bowls are much like us: they have been broken, but the break was not the end of them, but the point of a new beginning. Morphs used to be sold at a discount at Crystal Tones since they weren’t “pristine,” but over time they began to recognize their amazing energetic power as well as their tonal beauty.

I have always been drawn to morphs, from my first time in the showroom. They are complex, potent, and particularly “alive.” Right now, the morph bowls sell at regular retail prices, though they will be sold at with a premium fee by Crystal Tones in the future.

All of the photos are of the specific bowl(s) for sale rather than stock images. Color variations are due to how the bowls reveal themselves in different lights, places and times, much like us!

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