Exquisitely deep and gentle, powerfully healing and transformative. This amazing set with 2 morph bowls and 5 alchmies is one of the most potent at Laria Crystal Sound for dropping you deep into nearly instant peace and serenity. I have had more requests to hear this set than any other, as listeners respond with such an immediate sense of settling and relaxation.

The 12 inch Mother of Platinum with Pink Ocean Gold Morph is a C#, the note for the root. Pink Ocean Gold is a nurturing embrace from our love source, and Mother of Platinum is influential for working through emotional issues.

The 10 inch Tanzanite/St. Germain is an F#, the note for the high heart, our transcendent, eternal heart. This double alchemy helps to synchronize the heart and mind, encourage clear expression of truth and the authentic self, is a master teacher of ascension and enlivens embodiment of divinity.

The 8 inch sweet Pink Angel Aura Gold is an A#, the note for the pineal gland, stimulating awakening of consciousness. This alchemy connects us with the angelic realms, the frequency of the Magdalene, and unconditional love.

This set is exquisitely beautiful and potently divine.

Price includes a discount of $444.00

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