Christine Laria


Vocal Alchemist and Sound Channel

Aloha and Welcome!

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Big Island’s only Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowl sound temple, and to share with you the luscious, powerful, and pristine energies of Hawaii through these crystalline creations! Each of the bowls in our shop have been immersed and initiated in the energies of Hawaii: the mana (spiritual power and presence), the gifts of the sea, the songs of the birds, and the breezes of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea, the largest mountain on earth. 

It is my joy to offer you the unique combination of expertise as a classical musician along with my knowledge and experience as an energy practitioner and healer to activate and shepherd each of the Laria Crystal Sound bowls. This includes 15 years as a university music professor, 25 years as a professional soloist and conductor, and over 20 years in the field of energy medicine. I have sung professionally in Carnegie Hall and conducted a musical special on CBS titled “Receive the Gift” viewed by over a million people. The synergy of this skill set along with my work as an intuitive guide is perfect for helping you find your crystalline bowlmates!

I love empowering people to live with greater ease, clarity, peace and joy in every area of their lives through my work as a sound healer and intuitive guide with clients and groups across the globe.

One of the things I love about the bowls is that they are energetic record keepers. So I give them every opportunity to mingle with the energies of Hawaii, a place of great spiritual and cosmic power. The bowls also travel with me, and bowls in the Laria Crystal Sound shop have worked with shamans in Bali, whales in Tonga, dolphins in Hawaii, the elemental and animal kingdom energies in Banff, Colorado, and many places in between. 

I love to combine my musical knowledge, vocal mastery, and intuitive/energetic gifts to co-create laser-precise sound transmissions that are both beautiful and profound. I custom tailor the crystalline and vocal alchemy to offer the greatest support and transformation for all those receiving. Intuitive gifts, channeled messages, and healing frequencies regularly cascade through in sound baths, transmissions, and recordings.

I’m so glad you’ve stopped by to soak in the amazing beauty and presence of these bowls, and to receive the spirit of aloha. I invite you to find out more about my sound energy offerings and other work HERE

Infinite Love –