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The following bowls are all in stock.

The following bowls are all in stock.

Abalone Mother of Platinum

Androgynous Indium Grandmother

Androgynous Indium Super 7

Apophylite Green Heart Aura Gold

Aqua Aura Gold

Aqua Aura Gold Azeztulite

Aqua Aura Gold Tibetan Copper Quartz Supergrade

Ascension and Celestial Communion Master Alchemy Set


Azeztulite Aqua Aura Gold

Charcoal Grandmother


Citrine Platinum

Cosmic Flight Alchemy Set

Dead Sea Salt

Diamond Platinum

Divine Brother Master Alchemy

Divine Feng Shui Master Alchemy

Egyptian Blue with Pink Ocean Gold


Golden Elixir of Life Alchemy Set

Green Heart Aura Gold

Green Heart Aura Gold Apophyllite

Grandfather A

Grandfather F#

Grandmother Androgynous Indium

Grandmother Charcoal

Grandmother with Pink Aura Gold

I AM/Oneness Bowl

Innocence, Wisdom and Light Alchemy Set

Labradorite 12″

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli Platinum

Lavender Sunset Gold

Lemon Angel Gold Mother of Platinum with Ocean Indium Rim

Lemon Aura Gold

Lemurian Seed Rose Quartz Platinum


Mastery of Presence Alchemy Set

Moldavite with Etched Sea Turtles

Moldavite Platinum

Morganite/Androgynous Indium

Morganite – Frosted

Mt. Shasta Serpentine Sedona Red Rock Platinum

Ocean Gold

Ocean Gold White Gold with Etched Sunflowers


Palladium Rhodochrosite Limited Air Edition

Palladium Sugilite with Etched Sacred Geometry


Pink Ocean Gold Egyptian Blue

Platinum Practitioner

Platinum Practitioner Hollow Handle

Platinum with Smoky Quartz Base Super Grade

Platinum Violet Flame Aura Supergrade

Platinum with Green Goddess Rim

Power of Presence Set

Pure Balance Pure Light Super Grade Binaural Set

Rhodochrosite Palladium

Rhodochrosite Palladium Limited Air Edition

Rose Quartz Lemurian Seed Platinum

Sage Forest Gold

Sedona Red Rock with Platinum

Sedona Red Rock Mt. Shasta Serpentine Platinum


Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz Platinum Super Grade

Sugilite with Etched Sacred Geometry

Sugilite Palladium with Etched Sacred Geometry

Super Grade Platinum with Smoky Quartz Base

Super Grade Platinum with Violet Flame Aura Rim

Super Grade Aqua Aura Gold with Tibetan Copper Quartz Base

Super 7 Androgynous Indium

Tanzanite Morph: Kiss of Hawaii

Tibetan Copper Quartz Aqua Aura Gold Supergrade

Tiger’s Eye

Violet Flame Aura/Platinum Supergrade

White Gold Ocean Gold with Etched Sunflowers